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We know that legal action can sometimes be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing you help in language that you can understand. If you don't feel like you understand your options, just ask, and we will work to find an explanation that works for you. Our Belton, Texas law office does only criminal defense work throughout Bell, Couryell and Milam Counties. 

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The first step is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a path to success .Bell County, Our law firm works to achieve the best results for you. 

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Don't wait! Contact us for a free phone consultation. Let us help you figure out your best next steps are. The sooner you have a plan of action, the better your chances of taking the correct steps to get the results you want. Contact  violent crime attorney serving Bell/Coryell for experience and honest case evaluation at 254-634-2587. Office appointments are free. What are you waiting for?

More Practice Areas

Probation Violations

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Types of Hearing:

  1. Motion to  Adjudicate
  2. Motion to Revoke Probation
  3. Community Supervision & Services
  4. Motion to Modify Terms and Conditions 

Traffic Citation and Warrants

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Traffic Ticket Violations:

  1. CDL
  2. DWLI
  3. License Suspension hearing
  4. Speeding
  5. Warrant 

Sex Crimes

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Types of Sex Crimes:

  1. Continuous Sexual Assault
  2. Child Molestation
  3.  Indecent Exposure 
  4. Indecency With a Child
  5. Improper Teacher-Student Relationship
  6. Lewd Conduct
  7.  Prostitution 
  8. Rape 
  9. Sexual Abuse of child 

Bail Bond Reduction Request

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Attorney Ed Brown does bond hearing for free if retained. You  may qualify for a reduce bond or fee reduction through Pretrial Services if certain conditions are met PR Bond is the next best alternative to get out of jail for free or for a reduced fee.

Driver's License Hearing

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Get or keep you license valid  and avoid jail, bail bond fee, court costs and fine. We can help only if you contact us

Frequest Asked Questions (FAQs)


Commonly Asked Question About Police Encounter.

  1. What do law look for in drunk driving cases? Ans: wide turn, straddling lane, striking and object, headlights off at night and speeding,
  2. Can I get my case dismissed if not given Miranda warning? Ans: The officer is not required to give warning if NOT under arrest. 

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