3 Types of Texas Assaults

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Assault with bodily injury

Domestic Violence

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Killeen Assault with Bodily Injury Lawyer 

 When faced with a violence crime, it is very important to NOT speak with the police following an arrest. Do not make the mistake of providing them with incriminating statements while you are upset. Request to speak with an experienced Killeen assault with bodily injury lawyer first.

Don't wait until the prosecutor makes the next move. Call an experienced Killeen assault

 with bodily injury lawyer, F. Edward (Ed) Brown, for help with your violence crime charge today and protect your freedom and reputation. Contact us now, the initial consultation is FREE.

Killeen Assault with Bodily Injury Attorney: Fully Informed Decisions

I believe clients should be educated about the law, their rights and their options. How else can you make informed decisions about your case and your future?  To learn about the law, your rights and your options, call or email Killeen assault with bodily injury attorney Ed Brown at 254-634-2587 now. Your calls are welcome. Initial consultation is FREE. I will discuss the elements of the crime you are charged with and present you with your defense options relating to  following:

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Types  of Assaults:

  1. Simple Assault - Class C
  2. Assault w/ Bodily Injury-Class B
  3. Assault on Public  Servant-Felony
  4. Aggravated Assault  w/ serious injury or deadly weapon

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Aggravated Assault

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